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Blast2GO Plugin for Geneious has been hugely beneficial for my analysis of insertion sequences into vibrio parahaemolyticus strains, a food-borne pathogen. The user-friendly interface allowed me to easily and quickly blast and annotate the sequences and provided excellent figures. As someone who is just starting out in genomics I was worried it would take me some time to familiarise myself with the application, however I found B2G to be so simple to use and the online support incredibly helpful that I was able to quickly get to grips with the application. Also with the vast amount of tools included I was able to carry out almost my whole analysis in this one application. I would highly recommend Blast2GO to anyone needing to annotate sequences, whether they are just starting out or have lots of experience with sequence analysis.

Melissa Warren
Final Year BSc Biology Student

University of Bath, UK



Blast2GO is a convenient, user-friendly solution to the problem of annotating DNA sequence data, and is especially useful for novel sequences from non-model organisms. We have used Blast2GO for annotation of sequences from flatfish, sticklebacks, zebrafish, Daphnia, algae and annelids and for analysis of gene expression and high throughput sequencing data. Blast2GO has already been a key component in 14 peer-reviewed publications from our laboratory. The package can be freely accessed from any networked computer and the graphical user interface avoids tedious command-line syntax. The developers are approachable and responsive, providing excellent online support. I recommend Blast2GO as part of any molecular biologist’s informatics toolbox.

Dr. Tim Williams
Research Fellow

The University of Birmingham, UK



I am now analyzing transcriptome of Lone Star ticks, which is vector for the human ehrlichiosis agent, Erhlichia chaffeensis.
Libraries from the six groups were prepared and sequenced using HiSeq 2500. I assembled sequence reads using de novo assembler, Trinity, because genome of this tick is not available. I am now in the step of annotation using B2G. New version of B2G has user-friendly interface compare to previous version. Use of B2G saved my time and provided better figures than other annotating software. Also, B2G has several functions that provide sequences distribution with length, distribution pie chart, and etc. I would like to recommend everyone who need to annotate their sequences. Blast2Go will save your time and give you better figures.

Donghun 'Andy' Kim
PhD Candidate
Kansas State University, Manhattan, USA



Currently, I’m analyzing a transcriptomic data of a fruit from a Mangifera family. Its genome is not available yet. So analyzing a Novel sequence is a BIG TASK these days. NGS helps a lot in giving sequences but the main work starts after sequencing that is analyzing those sequencing and annotating them. I have a huge number of sequences and blasting those was time taking task. And then Enrichment of these novel sequences from a non_modelled organism was a REAL CHALLENGE. But BLAST2GO proved to be an all in one tool for me. It did all my work by just in few clicks. I just loved working with BLAST2GO and I will keep on using it as a lot more sequences needed to be annotated. I recommend it to all the others who have novel sequences as B2G is of a great help!

Safina AR
Research Associate

International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences, Pakistan



Gene Ontology has become an important field for biologists to get good insights about cellular function and metabolic pathway analysis. Blast2go combines the power of BLAST and Gene Ontology prediction. I have been using BLAST2Go for my work and find it very interactive, simple and powerful. It saves a considerable amount of time in my research. The result analysis are very accurate and informative, which is useful for my further interpretation. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is very responsive and appreciable.

Mr. P. P. Karthikeyan
M.Sc. M.Phil (Bioinformatics), Ph.D(Pursuing)
SRM University,India



I have found Blast2Go very helpful in my work for blasting and annotating various sequences. The versatile and user-friendly interface makes small and large blast-annotations jobs easy and provides a very comprehensive collection of tools needed for doing the work.

Dr. Knut Erik Tollefsen
Senior researcher in Ecotoxicology and adjunct Professor
Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA)
and University of Life Sciences, Norway


Blast2Go provides a convenient, intuitive yet flexible interface and pipeline for the annotation of large-scale transcript and EST DNA sequence data. The application enables the relatively painless annotation of next generation transcriptome assemblies by bringing together a variety of otherwise extremely daunting informatics steps into one neat package. We have been using Blast2Go to annotate and explore de novo assemblies of spider transcriptomes and can not imagine how much slower we would have been without it. Blast2Go has been and will continue to be central to our work with transcriptome data. The support team is quick to respond positively. In short, Blast2Go is an indispensable tool for the analysis of next generation DNA sequence data.

Dr. Peter Croucher
Associate Research Specialist
University of California, Berkeley, USA


My current research harnesses the power of Next Generation Sequencing, de novo transcriptome assemblage and downstream analysis to assess the impact that specific anthropogenic disturbances have on gene expression in plant species. The Blast2GO program neatly rolls several downstream analytical functions into one simple Graphical User Interface. This is further made easy by the help icons presented through-out each and every step. I would highly recommend this software to anyone who is working within the field of Transcriptomics.

Peter Davey
PhD Student
University of Technology, Sydney, Australia


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