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Professional Boinformatics Support

Our support and development team works close together to take care of all the issues you might have, does not matter if rather technical, about bioinformatics or biology. You can reach us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and we will do our best to answer all requests within one day. All comments and suggestions regarding our services are most welcome and a valuable source of information for us.

To share your experiences with Blast2GO or to search for a specific solution you are most welcome to join our Blast2GO mailing list. We use a Google Groups as an open Blast2GO forum, news group and mailing list for the Blast2GO community. Thanks in advanced for your future contributions.

Blast2GO Documentation


  • Perform a BLAST search against a local database, via the NCBI or using our Cloud.
  • After mapping and annotation are finished sequences turn blue.
  • Improve your annotations results including protein domains and families with InterProScan.
  • Summarize the functional content of a dataset via the "Combined Graphs".
  • Perform your analysis in a single step using Workflows.
  • Predict all the genes in a eukaryotic genomic sequence via "Gene Finding".
  • Visualize the structure of the genes in a genomic dataset with the Genome Browser.
  • Preprocess and check the quality of your FastQ files with FastQ Tools.
  • Estimate the gene expression variability between two or more conditions with a Differential Expression Analysis.
  • Achieve biological insight of your study with an Enrichment Analysis (Fisher's Exact Test or GSEA).
  • Compare the overlapped genes between two or more datasets with a Venn Diagram.


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Scientific Impact of Blast2GO

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