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How to rename the sequence name?

Blast2GO allows renaming the name of all selected sequences by converting, replacing or adding text to the actual sequence name.


Use Case:

It is possible that someone realised, too late, that the sequence IDs in the Blast results and in the FASTA file used for InterProScan differ slightly.
The prefix of the FASTA file is similar, but there is an extra extension in the last part of the sequence name.


Blast results InterProScan
seq1 seq1_(ORF)
seq2 seq2_(ORF)
seq3 seq3_(ORF)

Blast2GO offers the so-called Batch Rename feature, which uses the regular expression to search for a term in the sequence name and change for the desired one.
This is a Blast2GO PRO feature and can be found under the Tools menu.

Using the data from the example, it is possible to find 2 different solutions.

  1. Add the extra extension to the blast results project.
    • The suffix to be added is _(ORF). Figure 1
  2. Remove the extra extension from the project with the InterPro scan results by replacing it with nothing.
    • The search terms to match is _\(ORF\). Figure 2

Batch Rename Add End

Figure 1: Add the term to the end of the sequence name.

BatchRename Replace search term

Figure 2: Replace the search term by nothing.

Now that the identifiers match, it is possible to combine both projects and add the Fasta and the InterProScan results to the project with the blast results.
To combine both projects visit the following Tips & Tricks.


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