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Try Blast2GO Command Line Tools

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Please fill the form to obtain a download link and instructions on how-to try a full-functional Blast2GO Command Line version. Once send you will directly receive an email with instructions.


High Performance

The command-line version of Blast2GO allows you to analyse large dataset on your performant computing servers will nearly no extra effort.


Easily integrate your functional annotation tasks within your custom analysis pipeline and run different analysis scenarios in parallel.

Automatic Data Generation

Generate all the statistics charts Blast2GO offers in an automatic fashion. This includes a summary report in PDF as well as images and text file formats.


Control the whole analysis with a simple configuration file. This allows you to set up different analysis strategies and reproduce the multiple scenario for one or various datasets.


Run BLAST, InterProScan and the Blast2GO annotation offline on your own servers according to your security requirements. Take 100% control of data sources and versions you use throughout the analysis.