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CloudBlast Subscription

How does a CloudBlast subscription work?

A CloudBlast subscription is available for Blast2GO PRO users only and allows monthly payment of consumed ComputationUnits.

PRICE: The base price is 1 Euro / 40.000 units, 25 % cheaper than the regular ComputationUnits.

PAYMENT:  At the end of each month, the exact amount of consumed ComputationUnits will be charged via automatic payment. The corresponding invoice will be sent via email in PDF. 

CANCEL: This service can be canceled at any time

LIMIT: The amount charged will never be higher than the established limit. The default option is 40.000.000 units (1.000€) but can be adjusted below or individually upon request.

If you want to proceed, please click on the Subscribe button below to set-up your PayPal subscription. Once your account has been set up and confirmed by our sales team we will let you know by email  -  you are ready to use CloudBlast! Please let us know if you have any further questions.


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