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Functional Analysis with Blast2GO

Subscribe to OmicsBox to use all advanced Blast2GO features for your functional annotation and analysis. We offer a flexible subscription sheme which adapts to your needs.

  • Single User: 
    A Single-User subscription allows you to activate Blast2GO PRO on 2 different computers. This subscription type allows you to use Blast2GO PRO on one computer at a time.

  • Multi User: 
    A Multi-User subscription allows you to activate Blast2GO PRO on 5 different computers. Simultaneous use on up to five computers is permitted.

  • Free Trial-Account:
    Single-User Blast2GO PRO Trial subscription for one week.

Subscription Type Parallel usage Blast2GO PRO activations (linked PCs)* Duration**
Single User No 2 1-3 years
Multi User Yes 5 1-3 years
Trial No 1 1 week

* The list of linked PCs can be reset upon request due to reasons like e.g. the change of hardware or the change of team members.
** A subscription starts once the purchase order has been issued and is delivered within 24 hours on weekdays. It terminates on the date of expiry indicated in the subscription contract.

What do you get?

Once subscribed to Blast2GO PRO you will receive an activation code via email. This code allows you to immediately convert Blast2GO into Blast2GO PRO. After the product activation, you will directly gain access to all features Blast2GO PRO offers: Fast and up-to-date annotation servers, many brand new application features as well as a premium email support to solve your data analysis questions or technical problems right away.
Additionally, you will get CloudBlast ComputationUnits for FREE.

How to pay?

Payment is possible via credit card (Visa, MasterCard or PayPal) as well as via a purchase order from your institute. You simply have to select the subscription type (single- or multi-user) in the dark grey box on the right side. Click Continue and the following pages will guide you through the online order process.


Scientific Impact of Blast2GO

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