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Download Blast2GO 4.0

Download here the latest version of Blast2GO for free (on the right). The download contains an executable installer which will install Blast2GO on your computer. Choose between Windows, Mac or Linux based versions. No need to install Java.


What is Blast2GO?

Blast2GO is a bioinformatics platform for high-quality functional annotation and analysis of genomic datasets. It allows analyzing and visualizing newly sequenced genomes by combining state-of-the-art methodologies, standard resources and algorithms. Blast2GO allows to gain biological insights fast and easy even for completely novel genomes. Perform out-of-the-box the entire workflow of functional annotation of your transcriptomic datasets including its analysis and biological interpretation. More here.


How do I get the free activation key for Blast2GO Basic?

Just click here and register with your name and email and we will send you your key immediately. Registration takes less than 1 minute.


What is the difference between Blast2GO Basic and PRO?

Features BASIC PRO
Blast2GOs 3-Step annotation procedure to generate high-quality functional labels   % %
Graphical Gene Ontology data mining  % %
Perform Enrichment Analysis % %
Basic statistics and charts for all major analysis steps % %
Work with multiple datasets in paralell  X %
Select subsets of sequences based on its biological functions, names, etc.  X %
Many different Blast options (CloudBlast, AWS, Local) X %
Fast Blast2GO PRO GO Mapping X %
Run RFAM analysis  X %
More Annotation features (taxa filter, validation, etc.)  X %
Advanced statistical charts to summarize your data analysis results (WordCloud, TreeMaps, etc.) X %
Advanced Graph Visualization (Color Graphs, Export SVG/PDF, etc.) X %
Use a local Blast2GO database installation X %
Seq. Toolbox (batch rename, find duplicates, etc.) X %
More data-export options (customizable fasta, annot and generic data formats, fasta extract, ...) X %
Sequence and annotation import via BioMart (Verteb., Metazoa, Plants, Protists, Fungi) X %


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Scientific Impact of Blast2GO

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