Blast2GO PRO Plugin for the CLC Genomics Workbench

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The Blast2GO PRO Plugin for the CLC Genomics and Main-Workbench allows you to combine and integrate your NGS bioinformatics data analysis within one platform. By adding Blast2GO PRO to your Workbench you will be able to cover the whole data analysis pipeline: From the first quality control of your NGS reads until a genome-wide functional annotation and interpretation, making use of the proven Gene Ontology features provided by Blast2GO. Give it a try and request a free 1-week trial here. Please visit the Qiagen Bioinformatics Website for more information or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for quote requests.

Blast2GO PRO Plugin Main Features

  1. Access to CloudBlast for fast NCBI Blast+ sequence alignments 
  2. Gene Ontology Mapping of Blast results
  3. Functional Annotation via BLAST and Domain (InterPro) searches
  4. Functional Enrichment Analysis (Fisher's Exact Test)
  5. GO visualization and many statistic charts
  6. Different data import and export formats
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  • b2g plugin clc 1 4 fisher
  • Blast2GO Charts
  •  Blast2GO annotation workflow

  • Blast2GO PRO Plugin Help Pages
  • Blast2GO Plugin GO-Graphs
  • Blast2GO Plugin Generic Export Function
  • Main sequences table of the Blast2GO Plugin interface
  • Different types of results of an Enrichment Analysis (Fisher's Exact Test)
  • Various charts which shows details about the annotation process with Blast2GO PRO
  • A basic Blast2GO annotation workflow created with the CLC bio Workbench Workflow Tool
  • Detailed workbench help-pages of the plugin
  • A "Combined Graph" shows the functional information of various or many sequences combined together in a single Gene Ontology graph. Different modes of colouring and filtering can be applied
  • The Generic Export function allows you to extract exactly the information you want.


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Scientific Impact of Blast2GO

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