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Blast2GO® - Software for Biologists

Blast2GO is a bioinformatics platform for high-quality functional annotation and analysis of genomic datasets.

Main Application Features are:

Easy start up and low maintenance. 

Simply download Blast2GO from here, install and start using the application. Updates are automatic.


Blast2GO is designed for experimentalists. An intuitive interface, the many graphical parameters and the detailed users manual makes the use of the tool possible from the first try.

High-throughput and interactive.

Blast2GO can annotate thousand of sequences, in multiple projects. Users can follow and modify the annotation process at any stage.

Highly configurable.

Blast2GO is a functional annotation workstation. You can design your custom annotation style through the many configurable parameters.

Statistical charts are available to guide users in the annotation process.

Data mining.

Blast2GO does not only generate functional annotations. You can interrogate the biological meaning of your data with different graphical and statistical functions.


Gene Ontology Terms, InterPro Domains, RFAM IDs,  Enzyme Codes and KEGG maps are supported by Blast2GO.


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Scientific Impact of Blast2GO

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