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Blast2GO PRO

Blast2GO PRO is a subscription-based service that gives you access to advanced Blast2GO features. By getting a Blast2GO PRO account you will be granted with a personal login to activate all PRO functions, thereby enjoying an enhanced application use within your trusted Blast2GO environment.

Key features of Blast2GO PRO:

  • Faster database connectivity. PRO provides a faster connection arquitecture and near-by database servers to speed up to 10x your annotation jobs. No longer needs to install and maintain local Blast2GO databases to efficiently process large NGS sequence files. Simply connect to the fastest and most up-to-date B2G servers via your pro-account.

  • Priority support service. By becoming a PRO user you will have access to a support ticket system that guarantees assistance within 48 hours. You will also obtain a prioritized service for new feature development.

  • Many additional application features. PRO offers an array of interesting additional features and a accelerated feature development. New features allow you to work with standard sequence IDs, auto-save your projects, validate your annotations, more stastic charts and many more.

5 good reasons to become a Blas2GO Pro user

1Be 10 times faster with the PRO high speed access

2Get fast and professional support

3Use most up-to-data datasets

4Enjoy a richer set of features

5Support the Blast2GO project


Feature Comparison Chart

Feature Basic Pro
3 Steps annotation procedure Yes Yes
Graphical data mining Yes Yes
Enrichment Analysis Yes Yes
Selection functions Yes Yes
Much faster database access through PRO-Servers No Yes
No need to change any networking settings to connect to databases No Yes
Priority user support No Yes
BioMart data import No Yes
More data import and export function No Yes
Monthly updated database versions No Yes
... and many more additional application features No Yes