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We offer two different subscription types: single-user and multi-user

  • Single-User:
    A Single-User subscription allows you to activate Blast2GO PRO on 2 different computers. This subscription type allows you to use Blast2GO PRO on one computer at a time.

  • Multi-User:
    A Multi-User subscription allows you to activate Blast2GO PRO on 5 different computers. Simultaneous use on up to five computers is permitted.

  • Free Trial-Account:
    Single-User Blast2GO PRO Trial subscription for one week.

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What do you get?

Once subscribed to Blast2GO PRO you will receive an activation code via email. This code allows you to immediately convert Blast2GO into Blast2GO PRO. After the product activation you will directly gain access to all features Blast2GO PRO offers: Fast and up-to-date annotation servers, many brand new application features as well as a premium email support to solve your data analysis questions or technical problems right away.

How to pay?

Payment is possible via credit card (Visa, MasterCard or PayPal) as well as via a purchase order from your institute. You simple have to select the subscription type (single- or multi-user) and the following pages will guide you through the online order process.

Why a subscription:

A subscription to Blast2GO PRO gives you the possibility to obtain fast and high-quality annotation results. You will use up-to-date servers and you can make use of our professional support just for the time you actually are analysing your data. Why would you pay a very high price for a life-time licence of a scientific expert system if you have already planned to conclude your data analysis and publish your research within the next 6 to 12 month. A subscription provides you with constant software updates and maintenance at no extra costs and in this way, our team keeps constantly engaged with you and your research. Therefore, we believe that a Blast2GO subscription offers you a more valuable, economic and flexible solutions compared to the traditional "sell-and-run" software licence deals.

Contact us:

If you want to learn more about the different subscription types or simply have a question about our service, please request a quote here or directly contact us at: sales@biobam.com